Yesterday, I was standing in the bus at night, I had not eaten for last 6hrs at that time and was feeling hungry, sleepy and tired. Suddenly almost 10 min before I reach home I closed my eyes when the bus was about to climb a bridge. I opened my eyes after 5 min and I saw the same thing happen again, the bus was again about to climb a bridge. I ignored and closed my eyes again and then after 5 min I opened my eyes and yet again the bus was about to climb the bridge. again and again and again the same thing kept on happening. What is this? am I going back in time? But I see my watch and time was passing by, soon I just did not close my eyes and reached home.

This was a very unusual and unconventional incident that just happened and I was left wondering that what the hell was that? But yes it might have been the low sugar in my blood and I was just dreamy. Real or not it made me think about my state in life. Time is passing by but I am stuck in this loop. I am doing same things again and again without even knowing and since I am in a loop it means I am not getting any results either, at least not good results. My method that I try to get unstuck is try harder, do more. But since the past few days I have been practicing essentialism. So, do more does not sound normal right now. Since I was tired I slept on this thought.

I woke up this morning and all I had on my mind was this thing I experienced yesterday, what does it mean, what can I do about it. I sat on my bed and just thought about this, general stuff & life. What is that I am doing? what is it that I am pursuing? where do I want to go? and How do I reach there? How do I get unstuck? I did not touch my phone or opened my Mac, I just had pen and paper and I was noting stuff down as I thought. And that reminded me what I should do, there are these three German words that explain it perfectly ‘Weniger aber besser’ which is less is more. Doing it all, trying more and more hard sounds good on paper but sometimes, doing things that are significant is only required, and to do what is significant I must know ‘What is significant?’.

To know what is significant required you to do nothing, requires you to do less. What it requires you to do is take a step back, stop and think. Plan it out instead of just doing whatever comes your way, sometimes because of social pressure and sometimes because you ‘feel’ it is important. Think of it as an insect stuck in a spider web, the more it just keeps on moving the more it get’s stuck and then soon one day it will just be stuck forever and die that way. That is exactly how I felt at that moment in the bus. I was getting more and more stuck in the web of the life and living in a loop, time wasn’t stopping, time moved forward but most importantly my time I have on this world was depleting and just getting of out hand, just like time is sand and I am trying to hold it in my wrist, it keeps on slipping.

So this morning I just took some time to do nothing, just think, what is going on & what should be going on. Where am I going. Why am I doing what I do. Evaluating and reevaluating. Finding the things significant that should be done and just dropping everything that is insignificant. Because a lot of times I will be doing so much in a day and yet I will not feel satisfied and always be tired. That might be because I am just doing things for sake of doing without giving a thought about is this truly important or not. After clearing this clutter I feel way more relaxed and I feel like I have more time and this is just the initial feeling I have, don’t know about what will happen in the long term.

I am just sharing my thoughts on this subject and your thoughts might vary and that is okay. I am not an expert, I myself am just figuring things out. if you want to talk more on this or you want to say something about it, let it be criticism or maybe adding onto what I mentioned, you can comment here.

Here are a few interesting quotes on this subject,

Sometimes what you don’t do is just as important as what you do. -Greg McKown

There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs. -Greg McKown

We often think of choice as a thing. But a choice is not a thing. Our options may be things, but a choice—a choice is an action. It is not just something we have but something we do. -Greg McKown

while we may not always have control over our options, we always have control over how we choose among them. -Greg McKown

Thank you for reading it till the end.